Black Friday Deals

If you’re planning to take advantages of Black Friday deals on November 26, check out these tips from consumer champions Which?

Shopping for tech goods? Know the lifecycles

Most technology, including smartphones, TVs and tablets, is released on a one-year cycle. Therefore, you only need to wait 12 months before there’s a new device to get excited about. Our advice would be to consider whether you need a new device. The tech giants will try and tempt you into buying their latest product, don’t forgotten device which is only a year old could still be more than adequate.

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Make a list of different retailers selling the same product

The rush in activity on Black Friday can cause websites to crash and retailers to run out of stock. Having a pre-prepared list of stockists will mean you can try others so you don’t miss out.

Find out whether retailers will price match

Some retailers will match prices on Black Friday deals. Some, including Currys, will match almost any price you see. Others such as John Lewis & Partners exclude online-only retailers such as Amazon or from their price promises.

Set up online accounts in advance

It’s not unheard of for popular deals to sell out quickly online, so you’ll want to get in and out as swiftly as possible. Open online accounts with favourite retailers, pre-enter payment and shipping details and save them to your account so you can complete purchases quickly.

Create a wishlist

Some websites let you set up a wishlist for all the things you want to buy. Having a pre-created list makes it easier to see when prices drop, which can be especially useful on Black Friday when big websites will be flooded with deals on things you don’t want.

If you’re shopping in store, use your phone too

Just because you are planning on braving the High Street, that doesn’t mean you need to neglect the online stores. If you have a data connection on your smartphone you can be in Currys and on Amazon at the same time. Having access to websites means you can reference prices to make sure you’re getting the best deal in store.

Look at the price, not the ‘saving’

Don’t assume a deal is worth it just because it claims to offer a big saving. Offers such as ‘was £100, now £50’ often exaggerate the discount.

Check the returns policy

If you’ve bought in store, you can only return non-faulty goods for an exchange or refund if the retailer has a returns policy. Buying online gives you more rights: you have 14 days from the date of delivery to cancel an order and a further 14 days to return it for a full refund. You should also get the original standard postage costs back. Many shops offer extended returns periods in the run up to Christmas – handy for gift buying.

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