How to beat the burglars this Christmas

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexel

So, you’ve saved up and made sacrifices to buy gifts for family and friends. The last thing you want is for thoughtless burglars to grab ‘em! In this blog learn how to beat the burglars this Christmas.

The Guardian newspaper, alongside crime prevention experts compiled this list of tips to keep your home and possessions safe:  

Pretend someone’s in:

Putting lights on timers and leaving the radio on, makes it look and sound as if you are home. Leave an ironing board up with a pile of clothes, which will look like you’ve just popped out. However, don’t leave the iron on!

Get neighbours to help:

When all the bins are out on a street except yours, or yours are the only ones out, burglars can see that no one is at home. Our advice is to ask a friend or neighbour to put yours out and back, too. If you have a drive and your car is usually on it, ask neighbours to park there. If you have a long trip planned, contact Royal Mail. Their Keepsafe service holds your mail while you are away and costs from £16, which covers a 10-day period.

Don’t make it easy:

When you go out, or to bed, check you have closed and locked all windows and doors. Don’t leave keys in locks when you are in, as a burglar may be able to reach them through the letterbox. Burglars can hide behind large pots and hedges, allowing them to reach your home unseen by others, so keep them low if you can.

Keep your presents safe:

Be careful about who sees what you have bought. Avoid leaving the boot open while you unload the car and hide presents. Leaving them round the tree in view is advertising to potential burglar. Avoid posting a photo of them online, too. Break up packaging and don’t leave branded boxes next to the bin.

Stay away from social media:

Don’t post photos online while you are on holiday, off on a short break or on a night out. This lets people know you are not at home. If someone tags you when you are away, remove the tag.

And if the worst should happen:

Buildings & contents insurance will cover your home if there is a break-in if you have met all policy requirements. Checking whether any alarms and/or security cameras you have should be activated every time you leave the property unoccupied. Photograph possessions, keep the pictures safe and hold onto receipts; providing proof of ownership if you need to claim. If you are using a shed or garage to hide your presents, check with your insurance company that they will be covered.

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