Quarter of free cash machines facing permanent withdrawal - 26th January 2017

When we’re out and about with family, friends or colleagues, it’s reassuring to know that a free ATM to withdraw money is never that far away. But all that could be set to change as the future of thousands of free cash machines...[more]

Are We being Served? 23rd January 2017

One way or another, we’ve all been subjected to poor customer experiences, whether it is a retail assistant continuing to chat to a colleague while we’re handing over our hard-earned cash or arriving at holiday accommodation...[more]

Avoiding the thumbs down from Companies House - 17th January 2017

It may be the business equivalent of the chairs not tuning round on The Voice or an unsuccessful entry for a competition prize you really want, but having an account rejected by Companies House is far more time-consuming and...[more]

Make your Christmas one to remember, not one to regret - 20th December 2016

Whether it’s through TV adverts or lavish store window displays, the pressure to create a supposedly perfect Christmas for our loved ones seems to increase with each passing year. But seasonal debt concerns and a miserable...[more]

Anything but tree-mendous! - 12th December 2016

The time-honoured phrase: “If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well” can hardly be applied to this year’s Christmas tree in the St John’s area of Worcester. Ever since it was put up on the roundabout, the tree has...[more]

We’re teaming up with Sterling Integrity to help our clients grow - 8th December 2016

Here at SW&A we’re exceedingly good at doing those everyday compliance type things you’d expect from your Accountants such as company accounts, tax and VAT returns. But we also believe in adding value for our clients, which...[more]

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One of our favourite stories...

Worcester Warriors Visit us - 21st March 2013

Worcester Warriors joined the charity bake-off challenge in March and here at SW&A Accountants we had to get involved too... not only do (most) we support Worcester Warriors on the pitch but when the boys get involved with something like this we were more than happy to be involved here too...

Jake Abbott, Errie Claassens, Jonny Arr, Matt Mullan and Josh Matavesi baked and decorated some BEAUTIFUL cupcakes which they brought to us on Thursday 21st - not only did they look as good as they do in the picture but they tasted AMAZING!!

We understand that 12 premiership teams that has so far raised over £5,000 for good causes - which is excellent news and we were really pleased to be a part of this...

Big Thankyou to Jake Abbott and Jonny Arr who made the trip out to see us - thanx guys!

Our Team Happy to see the Worcester Warriors...

Current News Stories

SW&A Accountants launches it's new website in March 2013 - it's been a long time in the making and has had a lot of input from the owners Neil and Andrew - Andrew says " the website was designed to showcase our services in a lively and informative manner " ...

Our company intends to ensure that our new website become not only a hub of activity but also somewhere as a useful source of information for our current and prospective clients. Neil stated '"it is my intention to use the website as a tool to communicate with out clients; this is something we will grow over the coming years to incorporate our informative blogs, news and social media work."

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