Capital Gains Tax on Second Homes...

There is Capital Gains Tax (CGT) relief on the sale of a main home, known as a principle private residence, meaning that you will never pay CGT if you only own one home.This CCT relief was originally designed to help people who...[more]

Company Bonus vs Dividend

In the majority of small companies the owners are also the Directors and Shareholders and this means there is quite a lot of scope in deciding how profits should be taken out of the company.  Extra income or ‘profit’ can be...[more]

Annual Investment Allowance Increased

The Annual Investment Allowance (AIA) is a capital allowance that offers a business 100% tax relief on expenditure in the year of purchase and in one chunk. It is intended to stimulate growth in the economy by giving businesses...[more]

New Powers for HMRC...

In the 2014 budget speech on 19th March George Osborne said: "……We will give HMRC modern powers to collect debts from bank accounts of people who can afford to pay but have repeatedly refused to, like most other Western...[more]

Auto Enrolment Pension Explained

Auto enrolment is a new type of work-based pension that began in October 2012 and will automatically enrol anyone who qualifies for the scheme.   The Government’s plan is that it will get 11m more people saving towards...[more]

Does having accounting software mean you don’t need an accountant?

The answer is definitely NO. Firstly, if you have not already bought your software your accountant can help you with the choosing. There are lots of different types on the market. The best for you might not be obvious. Doing...[more]

Budgeting for 2nd year of trading and beyond

Your first year of trading is over – it has been a busy year and you have got through it relatively unscathed. It is estimated that about half of new companies fail in the first year. Luckily you weren't one of them but you...[more]

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One of our favourite stories...

Worcester Warriors Visit us - 21st March 2013

Worcester Warriors joined the charity bake-off challenge in March and here at SW&A Accountants we had to get involved too... not only do (most) we support Worcester Warriors on the pitch but when the boys get involved with something like this we were more than happy to be involved here too...

Jake Abbott, Errie Claassens, Jonny Arr, Matt Mullan and Josh Matavesi baked and decorated some BEAUTIFUL cupcakes which they brought to us on Thursday 21st - not only did they look as good as they do in the picture but they tasted AMAZING!!

We understand that 12 premiership teams that has so far raised over £5,000 for good causes - which is excellent news and we were really pleased to be a part of this...

Big Thankyou to Jake Abbott and Jonny Arr who made the trip out to see us - thanx guys!

Our Team Happy to see the Worcester Warriors...

Current News Stories

SW&A Accountants launches it's new website in March 2013 - it's been a long time in the making and has had a lot of input from the owners Neil and Andrew - Andrew says " the website was designed to showcase our services in a lively and informative manner " ...

Our company intends to ensure that our new website become not only a hub of activity but also somewhere as a useful source of information for our current and prospective clients. Neil stated '"it is my intention to use the website as a tool to communicate with out clients; this is something we will grow over the coming years to incorporate our informative blogs, news and social media work."

Keep checking back to find out more..