Workers missing out on holiday entitlement face burn-out risk - 2nd August 2018

Have you been on holiday this summer? Or maybe youíre looking forward to getting away when the new school year begins in September and package holiday prices plunge.

Even if your annual holiday is spent in the back garden with a good book, itís a break from the norm which refreshes us and gives us renewed energy to tackle the challenges ahead.

Now imagine not taking a break at all. If you donít, youíre not alone.

Analysis by the TUC has revealed that one worker in 12 in the UK does not take the time off work they should.

Some 1.2 million workers get no annual leave at all and 2.2 million receive less than the legal minimum holiday of five and a half weeks a year, which could leave them at risk of burn-out, physical and mental ill-health and stress.

Most workers who work a five-day week are legally entitled to 28 daysí paid leave per year though an employer can include bank holidays as part of that.

Reasons given for missing out on holiday included unrealistic workloads that could not be completed on time and holiday requests turned down by employers.

Those working in agriculture, mining and quarrying, and accommodation and food were the most likely to be missing out, according to the TUCís analysis, which also showed that workers are losing out on nearly £3 billion worth of paid leave a year.

The Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy says that employers should make sure workers got the holiday pay and leave they were legally entitled to, adding that the government will soon be outlining new plans to ensure that holiday pay is enforced for vulnerable workers.

Failure to approve leave at a certain time, i.e. the summer holidays, can lead to resentment and poor morale but at the same time companies cannot be left short-handed and unable to deal with customer enquiries and orders.

At SW&A we appreciate the value of a happy, well-motivated workforce and regularly advise our clients on making sure that holiday entitlement works in favour of both employees and employers.

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