Surge in drivers switching to electric cars - 13th June 2017

Surge in drivers switching to electric cars Have you got an electric car? If so, it appears you’re in good company as the number of electric cars in the world zoomed past the two million milestone in 2016, sparked by a price fall and the launch of new models.

According to research by the International Energy Agency, sales jumped 60 per cent last year with China, the US and Europe accounting for more than 90 per cent of electric vehicle sales last year. In some European countries, growth has been so rapid that electric cars are grabbing significant market share from petrol and diesel cars.

Nearly a third of new cars sold in Norway are electric, the highest proportion worldwide, followed by 6.4 per cent in the Netherlands and 3.4 per cent in Sweden.

While the UK continues to lag behind on annual registrations, new figures have shown that a record 4.4 per cent of new cars sold in May were hybrid or pure electric models. Under a grant scheme launched in 2011, more than 100,000 electric cars have been sold in the UK.

Greg Archer, clean vehicles director at the Brussels-based Transport and Environment group, said: “The rapid rise in electric vehicle sales is a consumer-driven phenomenon rather than being down to the efforts of suppliers.”

"Decreasing costs, longer battery ranges and an increasing number of charging points were driving demand," he said.

The IEA found there were 2.3 million charging points worldwide, although public ones were outnumbered more than six to one, suggesting most drivers prefer to recharge at home.

The agency estimates that there will be 140 million electric cars by 2030 globally if countries meet the Paris climate deal’s goal of avoiding dangerous temperature rises.

There are other benefits to electric cars besides environmental ones of course.

SW&A can evaluate the best rates for business users using benefit-in-kind (BIK) to their advantage through favourable government legislation regarding eco-friendly cars.

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