Supporting Apprentices at SW&A; How were helping Amy achieve her accountancy ambitions - 16th June 2017

Trainee accountant Amy Smith, who joined SW&A as a teenager four years ago, is a real asset to the team and is popular with colleagues and clients alike.

In her own words, Amy talks about her career so far and what shed like to achieve in the future

Getting a foot on the ladder

I first thought about becoming an accountant when I was at high school and after a week of work experience at an accountancy firm in year 10 I was certain it was the path I wanted to take. I wasnt very academic, which is why I considered an apprenticeship. I prefer to work and learn rather than being in a classroom.

I would have preferred to start my apprenticeship when I was 16. However, after a couple of interviews, it was made clear that my lack of transport was an issue as I live in the middle of nowhere!

I went to Stourbridge College to study A level accounts when I left school until I had a phone call from Kidderminster College asking if I was still interested in an apprenticeship as they had found the perfect placement for me. I had one interview with SW&A and started a couple of months later when I was 17.

Settling in

As I grew up in a pub, Ive always been quite confident and SW&A are the friendliest bunch you could meet. Because I was so young everyone looked after me. I mainly worked with Geoff, who explained everything that I had to do in depth and answered any questions, which helped me settle in.

"I soon developed a bond with the clients which made coming to work more enjoyable. Between them, Neil, Geoff and Gail have taught me everything I now and theyve also supported me in any career choices Ive had to make. They have put a lot of time and effort into working with me and even after four years at SW&A I know I can depend on them to talk me through any new areas I come across."

An average day

As soon as I come into the office, I check my emails and respond to any queries. My role involves admin, bookkeeping, VAT returns, self-assessments, limited company accounts and CT600s so Im now dealing with a variety of different areas and have a lot of responsibility."

I get on well with all of my clients. I like to make sure that they feel comfortable and confident in me so I reassure them when needed and make sure they dont panic about what they need to be doing. A lot of my clients have been with me throughout my apprenticeship and have really helped me to learn so they are my number one priority in my day to day tasks. I like to make sure that Im not letting them down.

Plans for the future

My main ambition is to complete my AAT Level 4 in 2017 - I have two exams left so Im really close! I plan to start studying ACCA to become a chartered accountant, which has been my aim since before I started at SW&A."

Both Neil and Geoff have talked me through what will be involved and to discuss my options to make this possible. Everybody at SW&A has given me the confidence to make the next step.

Our team here at SW&A have received a number of testimonials about Amy in terms of her skills and the way she works with her clients - we will be following up shortly with the amazing feedback we have received.. She really is a credit to our team.

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