Increasing number of diners hop online before choosing places to eat - 29th June 2018

A new survey has revealed that 87 per cent of UK diners said online reviews influenced their choice of where to eat out.

TripAdvisor’s Influences on Diner Decision-Making Survey, which examined the dining habits of over 9,500 consumers throughout the USA and Europe, also found that 94 per cent of UK respondents had read a management response to a TripAdvisor review and 79 per cent reported that they regularly research nearby restaurants via their phone.

“More consumers than ever use and trust online sites and social media for recommendations on where to eat – at home and while travelling,” said the report.

“Recent surveys also show that restaurant operators overwhelmingly believe that managing their online reputation has become an essential part of running their business.”

As specialist licensed trade accountants, SW&A regularly hear grumbles from pubs and restaurants about unfavourable reviews on TripAdvisor. Our advice is as follows:


  • Reply to all reviews - good AND bad - as quickly as possible;
  • Make sure your replies are free of spelling and grammar errors; 
  • Personalise them with a name at the end – even if it is just a first name; 
  • Make your TripAdvisor page as attractive as possible with good quality photos of the interior and exterior of your venue, dishes and drinks. Add fresh photos to reflect the seasons - warming winter dishes and refreshing summer cocktails; 
  • Keep opening times and contact details bang up to date.


At the end of the day, as with all digital marketing, you get out what you put in. Blurred photos and out of date information can make it look like you don’t care – and prospective customers may fear that attitude will be reflected in their dining experience.

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