Act smart and don't shop at night - 22nd June 2017

We’d like to ask you something you might not want to own up to – have you ever made an impulse purchase via your smartphone, especially late at night or first thing in the morning?

If so, it seems you’re in good company as one third of people surveyed about their smartphones said apps made them spend at all hours and had a detrimental effect on their finances.

Those polled in the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) survey said the convenience made them spend more or lose track of money and two-thirds said apps made it easier to spend, particularly when they’re in bed at the start or end of the day.

The FSCS survey discovered that women surveyed said they typically spent £131 via apps each month, while men spent £115. Men were more likely to spend on gambling, travel, socialising, entertainment and music, while women preferred food and shopping apps.

Mark Oakes, head of communications at the FSCS, said: “Being able to make purchases at the touch of a button removes the thinking time you would usually have if you were in a shop.

“It requires discipline to stay in control of your money, not only spending but also saving, but it’s worth doing. Setting aside just a little a month can add up to a big sum.”

Here at SW&A we heartily agree with the final comment and would also urge smartphone users to check out apps to help you save money such as MySupermarket, where you can find out where your basket would be cheaper overall, or deal sharing community HotUKDeals, which allows you to sign up for keyword alerts for specific items.

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