What Makes a Good Business Plan??

A business plan can sometimes be very difficult to work with unless it is simple, ans easy to understand - most importantly it need to be complete as opposed to most of today's business plans; seemingly produced and never viewed again. At SW&A Accountants we can build a business plan with you which is a living breathing document to help you plan your business moving forward.

Some of the tips leading to a successful plan are as follows... 

  • Simple plans - easy to follow, understand and modify if necessary..
  • Specific objectives have been identified and can be 'measured' for success
  • How realistic is the plan and it's outcome?
  • Is the plan actually complete - have you factored in and considered as many influences as possible...

Experience in Business Planning in Different Sectors...

SW&A Accountants are very experienced in planning with businesses across many different business sectors whether that be from day one or with established businesses looking to grow or expand.

Your business plan, completed with us, ordinarily contains a Three Year Profit & Loss forecast and a cash-flow budget to match - once created this pan can be amended, tweaked, grown or changed to suit any or all of your controllable and non-controllable variances that your market may throw at you..

Your plan will be as versatile as your business - we will work with you at all stages of the plan and show you how to make the best with what you have to work with..

Keys to better business plans

Your business plan should be a useful guide for your business to support growth and changes - you need to factor in as many influences you can think of, some you can control and some you can't in order to get the most benefit from the plan

Being able to measure goals and achievements in the plan is crucial in ascertaining success or failure - remember just because a plan 'fails' that is not as negative as it seems - change can be equally important in planning as success. The ability to recognise this is an incredible business tool..

Being able to actually implement a plan is important - there is no point in trying to plan the impossible - being realistic is far more beneficial..

Don't be frightened of reviewing a plan once it has been written - this makes some of the best business plans great business plans...

How much do you know about your business??

If your business plan is simply a document to show how much you know about your business... it's not of much use to you or anyone else... try not to fall into this trap...

A business plan containing 5-6 pages is MORE than enough... no one is impressed with 50 page long boring business plans any more... not only will no body read them but implementation and variances to the plan are nigh on impossible with something so big.

If you are in danger of producing a document such as this break it down in to 'bite-sized chunks' and let us guide you to ensure the work you do is as useful as it can be..